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How this book serves like course book, guide book & reference book at SOM

How this book serves like course book, guide book & reference book at SOM

1) How this book serves as a course book?
The course book needs to provide the solutions for how to develop the self motivation, how to achieve the high efficiency in production, how to be effective to reach the goal of the business and how to maintain the self control while interacting with the people, places, items & situations. The book illustrates the concepts and methodology in the following manner:-

i) Self motivation helps the manager to get himself involved in the work with interest and make the employees “To take up the work with complete responsibility” ii) To make the employees work with high efficiency (maximum output from minimum input), the manager has to inculcate a team spirit in them iii) The effectiveness of manager is judged by achieving the goal of the business keeping least possible planning, focusing on urgent and important scheduled and follow up action. This can be achieved by balancing the intellect and emotion together & iv) the self control is achieved by growing the subtle energy (emotional energy) and balancing the same with intellectual energy.
The book describes the methods of how to achieve a) concept of self motivation b) the team spirit of the employees by selecting target oriented planning, employing effective employees who are having concept of achieving aim with the help of self motivation (not the patting type) c) the balance between the intellect and emotion so that the mental energy functions like an integral part and generate the concept of work like a master not like a slave and also make the employees as well as managers to take up the complete responsibilities d) self control with the help of spirituality where as self esteem (SE) is achieved with the help of modern & specialized education like MBA. Though, exhaustic curriculum is given to the students / trainees, but they are in paralyzed condition in absence of having the growth of self control. The self control is achieved by balancing the intellect and emotion (mental energy).
The book contains the analysis of gross energy versus subtle energy; how to achieve the positive quality of intellect such as becoming a good listener, having better receptivity, able to concentrate the job and being creative; how to have control over negative aspects of emotions like reaction, rejection, condemnation, hatred ness; how to inculcate discipline, dedication, discriminative capability and deployment of higher possibilities so that a manager and employees can take up the complete responsibilities and work like a master not like a slave.
The book also describes the utility of scientific achievement by the western psychologists and medical world as a complementary process to balance the spiritual energy (physical & mental energy) for effective purpose. For example, how the right lobe and left lobe of the brain can represent emotional aspects (master mind) and intellectual aspects (assistant mind) respectively and how the same effectively can be used to have better management capabilities.

2) How this book works like guide book?
The guide book needs to have the different kind of skills to be developed by the managers, have brain storming capability to generate the best possible ideas, effective concepts on mind management in information & communication aspects and keep the knowledge bank for transforming concepts into wisdom. The book analyses the scientifically and spiritually developed quotients such as IQ, EQ & SQ in order to have the full fledged management in quality leadership, stress management, emotional management, resistivity management and communication management. This book provides the analysis of different managerial scenario.
Let us take the example of two aspects of mind such as emotional (right lobe working as master mind) and intellectual (left lobe working as assistant mind). This will be clear by taking the example of charioteer, horses of a driven chariot to achieve the organizational / institutional goal. Unless, the charioteer is alert and controls the movement of the horses, the movement of chariot (organizational goal) cannot be kept on the main road to achieve success. The development of intellectual mind works like the development of self esteem; however, the more emphasis is given to develop the emotional aspects of mind in order to have the good grip of self control (SC).
The book illustrates how scientifically the concepts of energy given by Albert Einstein in 20th century, fully endorses the concepts discovered by spiritual leaders during Vedic time. The book describes how the human energy system can be taken for the development of IQ, EQ & SQ so that the management system can be more effective.

3) How this book serves as a reference book?
The role of reference book is i) to have the development of skill and concepts against failure or debacle of organizations / institutions at the time of business crisis or fraud ii) to develop the concept or approach of professionals for the growth of educational, economical, cultural and environmental aspects of society & iii) to provide the concrete foundation of moral, ethnic & virtuous values (strength) to face the storm of strategic management.
The book shows i) The focal point on urgent and important work to be taken up in order to have the proper integrity, accountability, transparency and honesty ii) To achieve the proper follow up action the management has to trust the employees; examine the management objectives, aim and concept have been achieved or not; accept and appreciate the duty or job carried out by employees and inculcate the self motivation in them iii) How to train the talented employees to inculcate tolerance, acceptance & appreciation in nature. In case of strategic management, the details of proper planning by questioning how & who to be placed for tackling the problems. For instance, how can an organization plan to achieve higher than given target; and how to accomplish it. At the same time, who should be involved and who are to be engaged to tackle the crisis.
The book has all the potential to serve as i) course book ii) guide book & iii) reference book. In absence of the endorsement (approval) to serve this book as a course book by the school of management, the book can be taken as a guide and reference book (for the time being) for the development of professionability and inner personality of the managers. The special features like relaxation in action, science of breathing in action & meditation in action are the added advantages described in the book.

Further suggestions for promoting the book.
1) The book may be promoted at National and International markets as the same is related to business school of management, other related management institutions and professional bodies dealing with the business administration.
2) Also, the book has potential for the professionals of “Information & Communication Technology (ICT) as it deals with energy concepts to explore their inner possibilities and provides strength for the benefit of individual and also for the organization.
3) The book can be taken as a course book for MBA aspirants, knowledge bank for first level managers, guide book for senior management people and reference book for the business organization.

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