Thursday, March 19, 2009


How does this book differ from religious books?

The religious book mainly covers the rituals, the prayers and other aspects of “does and don’ts” of religious dogmas. This book describes the energy concepts existing at different levels of human body. The same can be practiced while carrying out the business. For example, how the personality can be developed with the help of gross energy and the same can be controlled with the help of subtle energy so that both are kept in balanced form. The book describes how the blended energy can be harnessed for the benefit of business, industries, trade & commerce.
Spirituality does not need any Temple, Mosque, Church & Gurudwara for performing as it does not have any ritualistic pattern. But it needs the understanding of what we have in terms of energy and how to harness the same while doing our day to day actions.
The religious concepts provide the different approaches to develop the human values depending upon educational, cultural & economical environment projected by the society; but they are having the weak foundation as they are not the original inner concepts. However, the moral, ethnic and virtuous human values are strengthened by developing the subtle dimensions of human nature, which is normally left untapped.
The book illustrates the innovative form of presentation, using scientific framework, where body, mind and energy have been combined to develop the subtle dimensions of management people. Examples and Parables in the book are in rational form which transforms the behavioural pattern of professionals and managers. The book explores the difference among mind, brain and consciousness and how they are yielding creative potential in business professional’s mind in terms of energy. Further, it reveals how the energy can be tapped for solving the business crisis.

What other works have been published on this subject internationally? And how this book differs?
This innovative book entitled “Spirituality at School of Management” is of first kind in the market to elaborate the missing links between outer and inner dimension of the business magnets. The book explores the importance of subtle dimensions of the business professionals and employees of corporate world.
This book is important in the present scenario, when the recent failures of multi national companies in finance, business trade and also the fraud in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) came into surface; though, these institutions were mostly governed by highly talented MBA personnels having degree from reputed business school of the world.
Many books have been published entitled “Spirituality at works” in the international market, especially in U.S.A., western world and in India. They are of little help for the business professionals as they are mainly informative for employees. This is because, the book “spirituality at works” does not provide any sustainable aspects of transformation at gross level as the managers have not got the exposure of spirituality at their training level while doing MBA. Because of this, “The spirituality at works” remains philosophical and self help book, to some extent, for professionals and managers.
The books on self help or self improvement are also available in the market for personality development of the business professionals. But they are ineffective for transforming the subtle nature of the professionals. This is because, these books are having piles of informations. No doubt, they make the professionals to be aware of their deficiencies, drawbacks, negative attitudes and habits. The book on self improvement does not give the methodology to transform them from old habits of negative approach. Whereas, this book describes the methods for changing the behavioral pattern of employees in business institutions.

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