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C) How this book is innovative

Foundation of the book entitled “Spirituality at School of Management (SOM)”.
The Ancient Indian Management (based on Vedic principles) shows the three tier management system. For instance, the Mourya dynasty was effectively managed by Chanakya (management guru), Chandra Gupta (king / master of management) and prime minister of Mourya dynasty (assistant of the master). The three tier concept was evolved based on the functions of three kinds of energy possessed by every individual.
Modern physics has discovered that matter is energy. The greatest contribution of Albert Einstein shows that even the solid rock is a pulsating energy. The rock has as much energy as the roaring ocean. The waves of the solid rock cannot be seen because they are very subtle. Mind is a little more subtle, but still not too subtle, because we can close our eyes and we can see the thoughts moving. Another dimension of energy, known as gross dimension, consisting physical body. Our body is visible to everybody.
The third, the ultimate layer inside us, is that of consciousness. It is not even visible to us. If all these three energies function in harmony, we are healthy and whole. If these energies don't function in harmony then we are ill, unhealthy. Consciousness is the purest energy. The mind is not so pure; the body is still less pure. But we can know this consciousness only if we make a cosmos out of the three.
The Ancient Indian Management has evolved the concept based on the dominating energy possessed by the master, assistant and management guru. For instance, a person evolved upto the level of conscious energy is fit for management guru where as the master has to evolve upto emotional aspects of mind. Similarly, the assistant of the master should have the growth of intellectual mind related to mental energy.
Let us take the analogy of chariot, charioteer and horses. The chariot represents the gross dimension (physical dimension) responsible for maintaining five systems of body; the charioteer represents the mental dimension (emotional aspects of mind) and horses represent the other aspects (intellectual dimension) of mind. If charioteer (master) and horses (assistants of the master) are functioning harmoniously the chariot can be driven successfully without falling into a ditch. This insures that there won’t be any psycho somatic cases.
Effectively, the management is fully controlled with the help of master mind and his assistant. This means that there should be full evolution in respect of emotional aspects and intellectual aspects of mind but they should not indulge in the negative aspects of others evolved energy. For example, the master of management (CEO and senior managers) should have the control of negative aspects of emotions like reaction, rejection, condemnation and hatred ness. At the same time, they should possess the positive aspects of emotions like tolerance, acceptance and appreciation. Likewise, first level manager should possess the positive aspects of intellectual mind like being a good listener, good receptiveness and absorption ability, growth in concentration and creativity.
The first level manager (assistant of the master of management) needs to develop the intellectual aspects of mind and should also have the exposure of emotional aspects of mind. Normally, intellectual aspect of mind provides the growth of self esteem (SE) of managers and emotional aspect of mind provides the growth of self control (SC). The self esteem is achieved with the help of modern education like MBA training and self control can be achieved with the help of inculcation of spiritual concepts.
Likewise, the senior managers and CEO has to have the domination of self control (originates from emotional aspects of mind), also known as master mind. If it is vice versa, that becomes the reason for failure of MNC. This indicates whenever an organization or MNC is dominated by low level managers (assistant of the master) and higher level managers (master mind) are passive, there is a chance of mismanagement in the organization.

How the book is innovative?
This innovative book brings out the concept of spirituality in the form of energy manifesting at hand, head & heart level. This is quite different than the concepts of spirituality followed elsewhere (in most parts of the world). In present day scenario of many financial frauds and set back in MNC, the necessity of spirituality is felt essential so as to concretize the foundation of business ethics. The book brings out the salient features of spirituality, its importance and applications at SOM.
The book explains the problem solving approach related to business reforms, controlling factors of mixed economy, reduction of employee’s strength in management and improving the sense of creativity of the existing employees.

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