Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Spirituality at SOM

Why Spirituality at SOM?
It is very interesting to recall the story of a lame man & a blind man, living in bushy area (small jungle) at the outskirt of a village having the same profession of begging. They were competitor to each other in begging profession. One day, there was a fire in jungle and they were forced to leave the area to reach the safest place in a village. But they were helpless as blind man cannot move without the help of other and lame man was not having strength to run around. They were perturbed & not knowing how to solve the crisis. A wise man was passing through the area and suggested them to make an integral personality so that both can come out of the fire and reach the safest place. The blind man was suggested to take the lame man (having eye sight) on his shoulder who will guide the path. The integral personality having strength and eye sight (vision) could solve the crisis to come out from mishap.
Similar is the case with business institutions. The school of management provides the modern education and make a personality with good eye sight (vision for the business) but in paralyzed condition. This is because, school of management provides self esteem (SE) no doubt but lagging in self control (SC) which is also required in day to day business.
The spirituality gives rise to a personality full of strength having no vision. It balances the emotional and intellectual aspects of mind because of inner education and generates energy without any vision. The energy is always blind provided the same is controlled. For example, the electricity (energy) is blind unless we provide the mechanism for its proper utility.
In case of business organization, the school of management represents the lame man personality, having vision but paralyzed condition due to lack of self control. However, intellectual aspects of mind are fully utilized by providing the curriculum of MBA. Likewise, spirituality represents the personality of blind man who has strength (energy) but no vision. But it provides the self control characteristics. When these two are blended together, a new personality is developed in the business organization to face the business crisis like a lame beggar and blind beggar succeeded. This shows the need of self esteem (SE) grown with the help of MBA and self control (SC) developed by inculcating spirituality at SOM.
The spirituality fulfills the responsibility of first level managers who are supposed to have intense responsibility of business, aiming high target to achieve and be competitive and aggressive in the business without being reactive, rejective and condemning nature. Likewise, spirituality inculcates the tolerance, acceptance & appreciative nature in the mind of senior managers.
It is worthwhile to note that whole personality of managers depends on balancing the intellectual and emotional aspects of mind. The self esteem is achieved with the help of MBA curriculum where as self control is achieved by inculcating the spiritual aspects while the managers are in training.
The utility of spirituality makes the hot tempered manager to calm down and maintain the good physical health. Similarly, the managers dominated by procrastination can overcome the same in due course if spiritual tools are followed.

How spiritual tools help the managers?
There are many spiritual tools which helps the manager to inculcate the spirituality while they are in action (job). The benefit derived from some of the spiritual tools is as follows:-
1) Science of breathing in action makes the managers to sustain the master (emotional) mind without having any grip of assistant (intellectual) mind.
2) Relaxation in action makes managers to move from negativity to positivity at 4 faculty of mind (Mana, Budhi, Ahamkara & Chitta level). The four faculty of mind is also known as inner instrument of human being. For example, alertness from pain to pleasure, selfish to self less attitude and rejection to acceptance are developed with the help of different relaxation tools described in the book.
3) Meditation in action gives rise to purity at mind stuff (Chitta), no mind at emotional and intellectual level and silence (not to have inner cry) at ego (Ahamkara) level. This helps to achieve the tremendous growth in the business.

Another important reason to have spirituality at SOM
The management is pointing to increase the productivity and profitability in industries and business world, keeping minimum number of creative employees. To meet the balance between less number of employee’s productions and profitability, more employers are encouraging spirituality as a way to boost loyalty and enhance morale among the employees.
For the obvious reason, if the managers or leaders are not trained or exposed about spirituality at SOM, they will not be in a position to implement the same in their workforces. That is why, spirituality should be inculcated at SOM first to balance the gross and subtle energy among the managers and then the same can be effectively implemented at works among the employees.

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