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E) What is Spirituality in Business, Trade & Commerce

What is Spirituality in Business, Trade & Commerce
Spirituality is recognition of inner nature (subtle nature) which nourishes the meaningful activities that take place in the midst of community. The meaningful works provide the sense of connectedness between the work force (employees & managers) and communities / societies.
Spirituality provides an opportunity to detect the inner nature (if full of negative) which is to be nourished by means of meaningful activity which takes place in society. This means, the spirituality is recognition of inner nature to nourish or to get nourished by means of virtuous works prevailing in the society.
Spirituality is the process of developing discipline in life; increasing dedication in intellectual ability at field of work; harness to determinative capability in respect of receptivity, concentration and creativity .During interaction, it develops the sharpening sense of compassion, kindness & forgiveness.
Spirituality is defined as the process of perceiving our own dimensions in respect of i) Intellectual aspects ii) Emotional aspects iii) Possibility of exploring skill, idea, capability & knowledge. All these aspects manifest with the help of different energy system. That is why, spirituality defined by Ancient Indian Wisdom (AIW) is the perseverance of different types of energy available within us in the form of a) physical energy b) subtle energy & c) sharpening energy (energy of consciousness). For maximum utilization of each energy, we have to balance them for materialistic as well as the spiritual growth.
For instance, if the energy required for manifestation at physical & mental level is not adequate and balanced; there will be mismatch in our personality, behavioral pattern and action. Our head, heart & hand will deliver the unwanted or unacceptable results in the business organization. The managers will not be jubilant, joyful and loving in nature.

Purpose of spirituality
The purpose of spirituality is to provide the clarity among head, hand & heart for best possible output. For example, the manager, who is intellect but poor in emotional balance, will often be moody, poor in interpersonal relationship and isolated type; where as, another manager, who is having poor intellect but balance in emotional aspects, will have always fear of loosing position, poor in leadership and more extrovert type. The spirituality provides the ways to balance the gross & subtle energy (moody & fearful aspects) and to blend an integral personality. The topic “Spirituality at SOM” is most relevant to expose the MBA aspirants for obtaining the balanced & integral personality.
Separating the negative from the positive; selecting and holding onto the positive is also the purpose of spirituality. Rejection of the negative views and connection with the positive thoughts has to take place with the help of relaxation and other techniques of spirituality. The relaxed action follows positivity. This awareness has to be inculcated in management. However, the spirituality should be segregated from the religious concepts so as to strengthen the moral, ethnic and virtuous values applicable at family, friends & relatives; at field of work and also for self development.

What is Spirituality in Business?
Spirituality is the personal values of honesty, integrity, and good quality work of employees and managers. Management can treat its co-workers and employees in a responsible, loving and caring way under spiritual umbrella. It makes the conducive atmosphere between employees and employer. Spirituality makes the managers and employees socially responsible.
One meaning of spirituality is the relation with God (divinity), which can be acquired by transcending the mind. This is higher evolution of mind and is difficult. This meaning of spirituality cannot work with the business, trade and commercial transaction. This is because, business means gain in monetary (Artha) and fulfillment of selfish motto.
The second meaning of spirituality refers to the best human capacity to transform immediate circumstances by using positive thinking, inculcating moral, ethnic and virtuous values along with self esteem. This will bring the tremendous change in business administration to sustain the business growth without any failure.
This meaning of spirituality is very valid for business administration, because the development of required human values is related to mind (subtle energy). To be spiritual in business means to exercise best possible inner (subtle) dimensions of human nature

Importance of Spirituality in school of management
i) It is an awareness of how to compete against whom, where, when & what, arising due to interaction with the people. ii) Spirituality at business develops the IQ & EQ of the manager and provides the balance concept of SQ.
iii) The managers having well balanced and peaceful mind will have the pituitary gland in positive growth. The disturbed mind will try to deteriorate the development of pituitary gland, which leads to failure. That is why, spirituality in business is very much needed to stop the deterioration of the gland of managers to sustain the business in long run.
iv) There is growing awareness of spirituality in context with global reforms in all over the world. This can be used for effective corporate governance.

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