Thursday, March 19, 2009

D) Why MNC falls

Why MNC or any business institutions fail?
It reminds me a story of a king and his faithful prime minister who served him many years and saved the king’s life at many occasions. Once, the king was in jubilant mood and asked the prime minister for the reward of his services. Prime minister thanked the king for rewarding him and said that he was too happy to serve the king without having desire of any rewards. The king insisted him, and then ultimately prime minister agreed to have a reward of being the king of that kingdom for 24 hours (one day) and let the king become prime minister for that day. It was easy for the king to accept this reward and he declared prime minister to be the king of that kingdom for a day.
As soon as the prime minister became the king, he ordered to kill the then prime minister (old king). The newly appointed prime minister (old king) asked the present king the reason behind of his killing. The king said that your negative aspects like reaction, rejection, condemnation & hatredness started working in my mind (present king’s mind) and consequently he had ordered the sentence of death to then prime minister. The moral of the story states that in a management scenario, the respective hierarchy should be maintained in business institutions. However, they should have the sense of team work by keeping shoulders together to carry out others responsibility but under individual’s limitation.
Whenever, the responsibility of CEO is grabbed by junior managers to prove their enthusiasm, dedication & commitment (like prime minister, the assistant of the king did), the mishap or failure happens. Similar is the case when CEO indulges with the work of CMD. Spirituality suggests that each individual has to take up the complete responsibility and work like a master not like a slave. However, they should get involved as helping hands in each other work but should not get indulged beyond their limitations.
The reason for failure will be more clear by taking an analogy of chariot, charioteer and horses which drive the chariot. They represent the goal of the business, master mind and assistant mind respectively. In successful business management scenario, the chariot, being goal of the business organization, is driven by horses (assistant mind or junior managers) under the control of charioteer (senior manager or CEO). When charioteer is in sleep or his mind is not focused on the business, the goal (chariot) can fall in a ditch. At that moment, charioteer (CEO or senior manager) may blame the planner of the organization or beat or scold the horses (junior managers). But the reason for failure or the missing link is in between charioteer & the horses (CEO & junior managers).
Spirituality suggests that each individual / manager has two types of mind namely i) master mind, known as emotional mind & ii) assistant mind, known as intellectual mind. Each one is represented by right lobe & left lobe of the brain respectively. Unless both are balanced and functioning in harmony, there are plenty of reasons to face the failure in business organizations. The purpose of the spirituality is to harmonize the intellectual & emotional mind.
Spirituality also points out the importance of intellectual & emotional mind and how to blend them to achieve the integral personality of manager.
As intellectual mind will guide how to take up the intense responsibility, how to bear with high target of the business and how to be aggressive & competitive without having reaction, rejection, condemnation and hatred ness while interacting with senior managers. At the same time, they (first level or middle level managers) will have good listening ability, better absorption capability, concentration & creativity.
Similarly, emotional mind gives rise to tolerance, acceptance, appreciation and sense of compassion to senior managers or CEO so that their interactions with the seniors and also with the juniors will be fruitful.
Another reason of failure is to have shaky foundation of moral, ethnic & virtuous human values. This is because, they are based on educational, economical, cultural & environmental aspects of day to day life. In case of business crisis or business fraud, the human values are ignored by the management people. The related values such as integrity, honesty, transparency & accountability are not properly taken care at the time of fraud. How ever, spirituality provides the concrete foundation for the same (human values).
The book describes the related approach to establish these values and how to balance the intellectual as well as emotional faculty of mind to minimize such kind of mishap.

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