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B) The reasons for proposing a new book in this area

The reasons for proposing a new book in this area

Swami Vivekananda wanted spirituality to be brought out from the forest to the door step of each and every individual so that he or she becomes more enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to the professions for achieving better growth of the society in positive direction.
This has inspired the author to explore the related facts existing in Ancient Indian Wisdom (AIW) by which common men or professionals can develop their personalities and can contribute towards the growth of economical, educational, cultural and environmental aspects of the society.
He has made an attempt to bring out the simple concepts available in scriptures and also prevailing in existing spiritual institutions like i) Swami Vivekananda yoga Anusandhan samstha, Bangalore (deemed university in yoga & its applications) ii) Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) , Coimbatore iii) Bihar School of Yoga, Munghyer (The first university of yoga in the world) iv) Vipassana, Igatpuri v) YSS, Ranchi vi) Brahma Kumari, Mount Abu vii) Isha Foundation, Chennai viii) Nitya nanda Dhyana Peetham, Bangalore.
He has gone in depth of each spiritual system in order to find out the simplest and easiest methods (paths) available for the development of common mass as well as professionals to have balanced growth in them.
Existing yogic institutions along with AIW scriptures inspired author finally to bring out Spirituality in the form of energy at three different levels in human beings. This is because, spirituality is the awareness of self; means awareness of what universally we possess. Human beings possess body, mind & spirit and the functions of these parts of the human system need minimum required energy of different quality. Hence, AIW and other spiritual institutions define spirituality in terms of the awareness of different levels of energy.
It is observed that the development of awareness is proportional to passiveness and receptiveness of an individual; which in turn is proportional to the relaxation of mind and lower frequency of brain. In other words, intensity of awareness directly depends on the quality and magnitude of energy at body and mind’s level. The manifestations of energy at body and mind’s level are the main factors for understanding the real meaning of spirituality in materialistic world.
The book describes about 1) what is spirituality? 2) different views of experts on spirituality (including views of HBS) 3) why business organizations fail?4) the important role of “School of Management” (SOM) 5) how business, trade & commerce get affected because of imbalance of two energies? 6) why spirituality is needed in SOM? 7) What kind of task the energy at body level does? 8) What kind of action the energy does at mind level? 9) Purpose of spirituality 10) how to enhance the energy at body and mind’s level? 11) Why spirituality has become so popular, especially in business world? 12) How to inculcate spirituality? 13) spirituality and its advantage 14) spirituality and religion 15) spiritual tools.
The management is pointing to increase the productivity and profitability in industries and business world, keeping minimum number of creative employees. To meet the balance between less number of employee’s productions and profitability, more employers are encouraging spirituality as a way to boost loyalty and enhance morale among the employees.
The book reveals the secret spiritual approach for achieving top rank in the respective field of business. The spiritual approach has to be followed in two steps namely i) balancing the gross & subtle energy & ii) blending these two energies (known as sharpening them). The blending approach can be understood thoroughly by an example of a blind & a lame man who wanted to enjoy the fruits of trade fair in nearby village. Another example of blending two forms of energy is illustrated by the working attitude of wood cutters who often use to sharpen the tooth of the blades after balancing the tension in it. The similar steps (2 steps) are adopted by the toppers of the Olympic Games. They balance the energy first and then they sharpen their energies with the help of exploring the extra possibility existing in them. The spirituality elaborates how to balance these two energies among managers and professionals while they are in jobs (actions).
For the obvious reason, if the managers or leaders are not trained or exposed to the spirituality in SOM, they will not be in position to implement the same at their workforces. That is why, spirituality should be inculcated at SOM first to balance the gross and subtle energy among the managers and then the same can be effectively implemented at works (among the employees).

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