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The Brief over view of “Importance of spirituality in Business school”

*1 The Business School provides the modern education and develops the outer personality to deal with the people objects and situations while interacting in the business deal. This education has missing link to produce the balanced mind. Mind is controlled through a process of inner education. Right now the development of the mind is one-sided. Our mind has been trained to see outwards and when the mind sees out, it has no foundations inside, no connection with its source, and it can become disturbed at any moment. But if we are able to provide a link with the inner self, then that mind guides the performance of the individual and ensures we are unaffected by the negativity received from the world.

*2 The School of management produces the professionals being extrovert in nature. The behaviour of Managers are identified with the senses and the external environment. Professionals have been looking out so much that they have forgotten to look within. They have lost the sense of awareness, the quality of observation that can otherwise, help them to find the equanimity between the gross self and the subtle self. In absence of awareness, they further develop the sense of emotion.

*3 The trained Professionals live in a world full of emotion. The development of main conflict in human life is due to disharmony in the realm of emotion, not in the intellectual portion. This disharmony many times manifests in the form of anger, hatred, jealousy, frustration, love, affection, happiness or sorrow with the help of trillions of brain cells known as neurons. So, what they are actually interacting with in is nothing but emotion. When rationality comes in and they are able to understand the situation properly, then proper step is taken and progress is made. In order to understand what is happening in the heart there has to be some form of self-observation. That is why, it is said that spirituality is ‘self-observation'

*4 Spirituality deals with physical body, mind and self. In the course of time, physical development became a separate science, the development of the mind became a separate science, but the spiritual development remained in the background. Spiritual development is also necessary. One can develop the body, one can treat disorders of the mind, but in the absence of spiritual development these two remain partial, incomplete.

*5 It is interesting to note that putting spirituality at work place is not an intellectual exercise. Instead, it focuses on the source of essential inner nature prevailing in human beings. It leads to bring forth the most meaningful, uplifting, practical course to take in life.

*6 The purpose of spirituality is to ensure that the natural state of mind remains constant, tranquil, so that only small ripples will be created when manager of different levels are engaged in business deal. During pre and post training period, spirituality insists for development of awareness managers of different level can find solutions too many of life's problems. The questions arise “Is it possible to remain aware when professionals are agitated and angry?” and “Is it possible to remain aware of what is happening to them when they are in confusion, suffering and conflict?” Right now, the answer is no. But managers and executives have to develop the awareness even in worst situations. When the awareness is developed, it makes them to witness the situations, become knower and observer of the reaction and emotion of all that goes inside. This seer (drashta) then becomes the controller or guide of actions to be taken and they find the balance of behaviour in life. Who is able to find the balance is known as a spiritual man. A spiritual man is not a person who practices different kinds of yoga, meditation and pranayama; but a person who has been able to find inner balance. That happens by developing the awareness with the practice of spiritual process.
In modern education, one is provided to become more aggressive and competitive. It gives the skills, concepts and ideas to act at the outer material level, to know how to attain the things under intense responsibility and viewing the high target of business. The outcome of modern education makes us to be desirous and we think how to acquire money, how to have an affluent society and how to be part of it, how to excel in the profession or field of expertise. Is it wrong desire? Certainly not. But the process followed to achieve the desire has missing link of not being relaxed, not being aware of the happenings, not being concentrated and not being creative during the fulfillment of the desire. Thus the entire education is directed towards building a better 'outer me', but how to become a better 'inner me' is not part of the modern education policy.

*7 The spirituality directs certain aspects and the first thing is discipline. The second thing is total control over the tendencies of the mind. The third is becoming aware of the inner being. The fourth is becoming free from the day to day turmoil that makes professionals moves like a shuttlecock, from this end, to that end.

*8 Developing immunity against the activity of the ripples of mind (vrittis), awareness is the first step of spirituality. Secondly, we have to learn to let go, to relax, to release the stresses which are generated in the mind, body and emotions without any conscious control. As we understand that every event in life causes tension, specially in managing the business whether in the field of project, finance, marketing and Human Resources. Tension is also the natural outcome of life. However, the moment this tension becomes intense, it affects the behavior of the mind and body in a negative way. Learning how to relax and manage the external and internal tensions is the second step of spirituality. Thirdly, one needs to provide a direction for the creativity in overall management to compete with the advancement of scientific and technological developments. That can be manifested through determination (sankalpa). This direction is a conscious understanding of the positivity in managing the business, and working to attain that positive quality. Fourthly, one has to develop concentration through the process of visualization. This is most important part of spirituality and this can be obtained by developing the sense of with drawl.

*9 Stability and prosperity of any business will depend on the strengthening of economy of markets and the creation of strong corporate governance systems. While it is encouraging to see emerging economies rebound from the financial crises of the last several years, it has become important to achieve the momentum for reform of corporate governance.

*10 Mostly we ignore the aspects of feeling and emotions while achieving the high targets in business, thinking that rationality is above the feeling and emotion. In early times, thinkers said that every expression in life came from the head, meaning the higher centre. Later thinkers said every expression in life came from the heart centre; that what we feel and believe in determines how we act and live. More recently, with the development of psychotherapy, Freud and other eminent psychoanalysts said that everything that happens to us comes from the lower centres. When world famous scientist, Einstein gave the “theory of relativity”, he said that everything is relative. The point to consider here is that we need to find a balance between our reactive, emotional and intellectual natures. Once a balance is found in these three different natures, then transmissions from the consciousness into the body will be more harmonious, balanced and integrated. This approach helps the professionals and managers to evolve his IQ and EQ and also balance them with the help of SQ.

*11 In spirituality, the different steps suggested to be followed have been reviewed and became the most wonderful science. For example, let us consider science of breathing or breathing management is one of the most effective management step taken by mankind in recent years. The topic on breath management signifies the state of harmony, along with the physical and mental energies, the two forces that reside in the human body. One is the force of bio-energy, or prana, through which we live, and the other is the force of consciousness, or chitta, through which we think and feel. These two forms of energy control each and every function in the human body. They are responsible for our mobility, our thinking and our total physical and mental existence. When there is disharmony between them there is disease, restlessness and disturbance; and when there is harmony between them, there is peace and good health. Through the practices of spirituality, these energies are balanced and regulated, and the whole body is purified. By this way, the state of union, harmony and peace is achieved.

*12 It is very important to implement the beneficial aspects of spirituality in school of management. In this context, the issues like to what extent the current management schools are attaching importance to spirituality and what are the elements of some of the spiritually based organizations have to be reviewed. It is observed that American Academy of Management and Harvard Business School embraced some of the elementary concepts of spirituality. The important elements of the same are yet to be introduced with the help of breath management and mind management. The transformation aspects of behaviour and negative habits are the secret of spirituality.

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Concentration is the essence of all knowledge. Nothing can be done without it. Ninety percent of thought force is wasted by the ordinary & common people, and they are constantly committing blunders. The trained men never make a mistake. When your mind is concentrated and turned back, all the ability within you will be your servants, not your masters. The ancient people concentrated on the internal world and developed the science of yoga. Yoga is controlling the senses, will and mind. The benefit of its study (science of yoga) is to learn the control on self instead of being controlled. The mind seems to have layer on layers. Your real goal is to cross all these intervening strata of your being.

Science of pranayama
You breathe in and out with the help of two nostril, namely left nostril and right nostril. The Almighty has provided the two energy source in each nostril such as moon (Chandra) property to the left nostril and sun (Surya) property to the right nostril. The moon has cooling, cold, calm, crisp and being composed in nature. In addition it has the other properties of being aloof, tranquility. When you are in grip of hot (burning, blazing, baking, blistering) effect, you need to activate the Chandra nadi (left nostril) to balance these effects. Another effect of heat (Surya) is to make you ill tempered, irritated, scorching, roasting and anger effect, you need to activate the left nostril to over come the hot effect of Surya (right nostril) nadi.
When you feel severe cold, you need to create heat effect such as to keep you warm, to ignite the sense of heat, to kindle the flame of warmness. Also, to enjoy the excitement of the moment and strong desire of doing some thing, you have to activate the right nostril (Surya nadi) to achieve the desired result. You need to activate the right nostril for proper planning and project activity so that action oriented work is implemented.

Titbit of yoga and Vedanta
In twenty-first century, people are very busy. The Vedantic prescription to tackle the busy life has been explained under the topic “Why Vedanta for everyone”. It inspires you to live more than hundred years (full span of life). To achieve this, verses of Gita such as “yuktahar viharasyacha…” gives the account of energy (life) during energy gaining activity and energy loosing activity. They have to be balanced to maintain the healthy life. The better approach shall be to have more energy gaining activity than the energy loosing activity. For example, more sleep than required, excess food, uncontrolled enjoyment activities are the energy loser; where as balanced diet without excess intake, deep sleep for required hours and happiness in the life are the energy gainer. Vedanta suggests taking the help of Yogic practice for keeping the energy stock much more than required in day-to-day life.
In addition, the titbit concepts of yoga and Vedanta will work as “the first aid tools” for interim measure. This tool will energize the life battery system. The interesting information of regular yogic practice will save lot of time and will make you to get freshness with the help of titbit of yoga and Vedanta.

Therapeutic aspects of pranayama for disorders:
Based on the basic science of Pranayama and experience gained in the process of practicing the same, certain therapeutic experiences have been arrived. You may do the further experiments and come to the conclusion, might be little different. However, the variation in experiment will not be more than ten percent. The basic science of Pranayama is based to tackle heat, bile, gas and cold effect in nerves (Nadis) connected with two nostrils known as Chandra nadi (Left Nostril), Surya nadi (Right Nostril) and susumna.

Health tips
If cough, heat and gas are there, removal of the same could be done by using nostrils. For example, if cough is more [means left nostril more active] then balances the right nostril by activation. When heat is felt more [means right nostril is functioning more], the left nostril to be activated to get cleared. Similarly, if gas or air is more in the body system, it means there is a block in susumna. Clear the susumna nadi by a) balancing the left and right nostrils, b) with the help of nadi shodhan or anuloma viloma Pranayama, c) with the help of meditation, which can balance the left and right nostrils as well as susumna.
In brief, Left nostril provides the cooling or chill effect if working for long time and the Right nostril provides heat effect if functioning for long time. With the help of two nostrils function, the benefit of the pranayama can be achieved provided both are cleaned. The following therapeutic aspects of Pranayama could be utilized for the different kinds of situations, moods in order to get freshness:-
(a) Lethargic attitude – Early in the morning when you get up from the bed, you feel lethargic, less energetic and yawning mood. This is because; the right nostril breathing could have dominated for long time and you would have got disturbed sleep. The remedial aspect is to activate the left nostril breathing and compensate for the loss with the help of normal pranayama. If left nostril breathing is more, there is a bound to have passive nature and lethargic mood.

(b) Cold – There could be the blockage of right nostril. Left nostril could have worked longer time. The remedial aspect is to activate the right nostril breathing to provide the hot effect. It is interesting to note that this remedial aspect may not work for a person who has inner body heat in nature. He may feel the cold effect (having inner body heat), the right nostril breathing will be bad, as the same process will add the heat to the body. In this case better go for the cooling Pranayama even during cold effect.

Cooling Pranayama – This Pranayama balances the inner body temperature and cleaning the nerves related to Ear, Nose and Throat (E.N.T.). The E.N.T. portion meet at a gland known as tonsil (Vishuddhi Chakra) where the connecting passages of the Ear, Nose and Throat meet. This gland is also known as a gatekeeper and it checks any kind of viruses, bacteria’s and germs of the diseases. This work like pollution control measure for the liquid, air and solid to be taken by ear, nose and throat. If this gland is strong, it would not allow the disease and bacteria to enter inside. If it is weak then there is no check by the gatekeeper and you get affected because of change in environment, season and temperature. That is why, this gland is very important and it has to be activated with the help of Pranayama to remain in a strong condition.
Cooling Pranayama such as Sadanta (with tooth), Shitli (Through crevices) and Sheath Kari (tip of the tongue touching the pallets) pranayama will help to make tonsil to be a strong enough to face any kind of situations.
Cooling Pranayama is based on cooling and heating effect given simultaneously to this gland as nature provides the heat and cold effect to the body to make it strong.

(c) Obesity – Whenever there is a tendency to be in the grip of obesity, there is a domination of left nostril function and blockage of right nostril. As the right nostril blockage exists, the generation of cells or more than the destruction. Because of this phenomenon obesity takes place. In this situation one has to go to right nostril breathing more using complete course of pranayama.

(d) Depression – Many times, you are under depression without your knowledge. This is because you come under the grip of lethargic attitude (tamasik nature) for long time and your breathing is dominated by disturbed by left nostril breathing. To overcome this kind of situation you have to energize the left & right nostril breathing.

(e) Inner Body Heat – This shows that inner organs of the body are hot because of more activation of right nostril (surya nadi). The function of right nostril is generating more heat internally which may compensate if cold effect breathing is more. In case of inner heat you have to activate the left nostril regularly to balance the extra inner heat. Cooling pranayama, suggested earlier could be practiced to overcome the inner body heat.

(f) Fever – Fever is caused because of excessive heat generated during digestion and other functions of the system. Right nostril breathing helps to lower the temperature due to fever.

(g) Anger – When you are more active and functioning vigorously you may fail many occasions. Your loose tempered nature may make you angry. At that moment, right nostril breathing is more active compared to left. To cool down, you should take the help of left nostril breathing.

(h) Insomnia (Sleeplessness) – Whenever the Brain is more active you are energized to work more with alertness. Sleeplessness shows that the brain activity has not subsided to the level required for sleep. In terms of frequency of mind, there could be more than fifteen cycles per second of frequency during sleeplessness. The frequency can be brought down with the help of left nostril activation and sleep may occur. The left nostril (chandranuloma) Pranayama helps to reduce the frequency of mind provided; right nostril might be dominating at that moment.

(i) Generation of Red & White Cells in Body – More red cells are required to carry the oxygen in the blood and in turn they are main structure of the body. Whereas white cells provide the defensive mechanism in the body. Balancing Pranayama (both the nostrils breathe in and breathe out equally) helps to maintain the adequate red and white cells in the body system.

Therapeutic aspects of pranayama for inner core
The four faculties of mind experience different feeling at different levels. For example, mind feels pain and pleasure; intellect experiences lust, attachment and jealous; Self reflects respect & insult and mind stuff stores peace & tragedy. Whenever left nostril is dominating, you may be sensitive for the feeling of pain, attachment, lust, depression and insult. At that moment, you must switch over to right nostril breathing. Similarly, whenever right nostril is dominating, you may feel angry, jealous and mental disturbance. This is because you are more active (Rajsik). At that moment, you should activate the left nostril to balance.
Likewise, the malnutrition of mind could be overcome with the help of both the nostrils breathing known as nadi-shodhan.
The thumb rules are as follows:
(i)Diagnose your breath rate, whether right nostril breathing or left nostril breathing is more.
(ii)If left nostril breathing is more go to the right nostril breathing to over come the feeling of cold, lethargic, obesity and depression at that moment.
(iii)If right nostril breathing is more and you feel feverish, anger, sleepless and tension, you must activate left nostril breathing.

Management tips –
The both nostril (Surya nadi & Chandra nadi) techniques could be used for solving some of the management problems temporarily. For example, (i)Anger represents the result of past moment for which you regret and remain in grief; worry represents the expected result likely to be obtained in future (time yet to come) and lust happens when you are at present moment. They (all the three moments) are known as miss use of time.
(ii)Anger spoils Inter Personal Relation Skills (IPRS), greed spoils financial conditions and lust spoils health.
(iii)Diagnose the activeness of your left and right nostril function. If left nostril working more means you are under the grip of tamas or greed. To balance it, activate the right nostril so that you become Rajsik (passion to the activity). In case of Rajsik (passion), you will be pleased and active and you will possess the feeling of doer ship and enjoyer ship. You will come out from lethargic, inactive, idealness and dull kind of attitude. Those are the properties of being Tamsik (in darkness).
(iv) If right nostril is working more, means rajus (passion) is showing more pleasure and more activity of the work keeping doer ship feeling. To balance this, you have to activate left nostril to achieve tolerance and acceptance. When both the nostrils are working equally more or less you achieve Sattva guna (creative property). That is why, pranayama is recommended to balance both the nostrils so that you retain Sattva guna more.
(v) For maintaining peace in mind – Start deep inhalation with sound of om, while exhalation say your weakness or bad temperaments or malnutrition are getting thrown out.
(vi) For fear removal –Do the same as above while inhalation; while exhalation, say your unrighteous means, negative thinking, fear of death are going out.

(vii) For anger removal – You make a fist in both the hands as you do in the case of Instant relaxation technique (IRT) and get released of anger. IRT is more suitable to overcome anger and jealous. Similarly, Quick Relaxation Technique (QRT) and Deep Relaxation Technique (DRT) are suitable for greed and lust removal respectively.
In brief, when left nostril dominates you go to rest. When right nostril dominates start your activity (karma) more vigorously to achieve success and when both nostrils are working equally, you may go for creative thinking of your profession. Equal working of both the nostril helps you to sit for meditation or to sit for creative work.

Nostril concepts to be observed before interview:
The candidates should avoid two deficiencies while going to face the interview. They may feel nervous system weak. This is because they possess fear, anxiety and worry in the mind whether they are going to be successful or not? Another deficiency will be feeble voice of the candidate that will not reach to the members of the interview board.
The feeble voice indicates two scenarios of the personality of the candidates facing interview, namely (i) They are weak internally and unable to express the clarity of mind (ii) They are very humble. The humbleness of the candidates is judged by the members of the board when candidates are not reacting aggressively at the time of harsh and odd questions. Where as weakness of the clarity of mind is judged if the voice is feeble during the interview. The candidates should keep in mind that the intensity of their speech or conversation should be loud enough to be audible to the members of the board.

The following steps in respect of nervous system are to be followed to get sure success in interview: -
(a) Calm down with the help of yogic breathing (deep inhalation and exhalation by taking five rounds or cycles) with out making sound of inhalation and exhalation to over come the excitement, fear and anxiety.
(b) Use the Chandra nadi (left nostril) if you feel burning sensation, fluctuation of mind, fear and anxiety in your thought. Also, if you are getting irritated and observing negative reaction and getting angry, then activate your Chandra nadi (left nostril) to over come the effect. Even, if you are not excited, better to activate your left nostril more to compose your calmness before interview. This process should be carried out little before you are being called for interview.
(c)Just two to three minutes before of your call, activate the Surya nadi (right nostril) to prepare the warmness and activeness of your mind for facing the challenges likely to be imposed by the board.
(d) During going towards the interview chamber, take the first step with right leg and visualize your Surya nadi (right nostril breathing) more effective than Chandra nadi (left nostril breathing). You need not to bother much for this step of activity as the same will be maintained automatically if earlier processes have been followed while waiting for interview call.
(e) Complete the formalities of bidding the good morning to chairman and the members of the committee. Sit down calmly when chairmen or any member of the committee asks you to sit.
(f) If possible, activate your Surya nadi (right nostril) mentally and keep it alive during interview time.
(g)Answer the question with confidence keeping your right eye contact with the right eye of the chairmen or member who so ever asking the question.
(h) While coming out from interview board say thanks to every one in a disciplined way.

In brief, you are the best judge to feel the movement of air breath in & out and related action to be carried out at that moment. For instance, if you want to be vigorous, powerful and full of glory, generosity, full of energy, majesty, brilliant at work and magnanimity; activate your right nostril to function better than left nostril. This you can judge and experience while facing the interview. Similarly, whenever you are under feverish feeling, passion, pain, suffering and grief at the time of interview, you may take the help of left nostril breathing more than the right nostril to observe calmness.

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Second part of Science and Vedanta

Difference between scientific and spiritual discovery

Scientific discovery is planned between matter likely to be inert, feeling less, static (jada) and the consciousness, rational, intelligence, spirit & perception likely to be energy or dynamic (chetana). The inert matter is the part of nature or universe where as consciousness is the part of inner instrument (four faculties of mind) in the case of scientific discovery. This kind of experiment between inert matter and consciousness (experimental result between jada and chetana) is carried out by the scientist. That is why, the science is having the dimension of static nature (universe) and four faculty of human mind but the human mind has the limitation as per the spiritual development.
Spiritual discovery is carried out by mystic (rishi). This discovery is also planned between inert matter and spirit (chetana) but at different scale. For spiritual discovery, the human mind is taken as the inert matter (jada). This is because when we close our eyes, we see the darkness inside and darkness is turned as inert (jada) compared to light (chetana or consciousness). The other part of the spiritual experiment is consciousness or vigilance of rationality (chetana or jnana) which is opposite of ignorance and the same is taken from the cosmic intelligence. The spirit (chetana) is also known by different names such as soul, energy and perception.
The main difference between scientific and spiritual discovery remains in the selection of experimental aspects of Jada and Chetana. The scientist takes mind (antah karna) as chetana but the same is taken as jada by the spiritual personality.
Another difference lies towards the inclination of the research for discovery. For example, the scientists are inclined towards the nature or universe to find out the scientific laws hidden in the natural phenomena where as, rishi’s inclined towards Almighty (creator) of the universe to find out the mystic phenomena of the creator which discovers the pure governing laws of the universe.
The third difference between these discoveries is to understand the cause and effect phenomena. The scientist can establish the cause and effect phenomena where as rishi or mystic discoverer can experience the cause of certain effect but cannot be proved on paper. Each and every individual has only to experience.
Who discovers the pleasure or the basis of happiness based on the matter and energy using phenomena existing as natural laws is the scientific discovery where as who discovers the permanent pleasure (sukha) by conducting the experiment using antah karna and beyond existing chetana known as mystic discovery.

Why the Spiritual personality has taken mind as inert matter?

The scientific approach is quite different than spiritual approach. The nature has sound and waves, which have been given the form of language by the minds of human being. As we know the expression given by human mind varies from one person to another and each one cannot be established as truth. That is why scientists require evidence in the form of an experiment, which could be universal. Because of fluctuation in thought, the rishi’s (spiritual scientists) have taken the human mind as inert matter. The seer who has gone beyond the inner instrument (antah karna) and perceived the truth of the universe with the help of space and cosmic energy and the same has been described in Upanishads.
In brief, the scientific discovery can be proved with the help of evidence and experience by the human mind universally where as a spiritual discovery can be experienced by the Jnani (remover of ignorance) by achieving ananda (by establishing good dharma) and love developed by tolerance, acceptance and appreciation.
Scientific experiment is conducted on approachable five bhutas such as light was the main factor for establishing the theory of relativity by scientist Albert Einstein. The theory of relativity states that the total energy is the product of its mass and velocity of light into (x) velocity of light. The mass could be the mass of light. But a spiritual scientist takes the pancha bhuta at the highest dimension (space or akash) to discover the mystic cause and effect. The scientist could not take up the basis of air and a space of pancha bhuta as an element for experimental discovery. The light, which was taken as the basis of Einstein’s discovery, which is readily experienced bhuta of pancha bhutas by the sense organs (indriyas).

How scientist can get benefit of Vedic concept?
Vedic concept makes you aware of your spirit & potential divinity. When you are aware of your spirit and divinity, you will be more benefited than simply using the same with out awareness. It is like this; when you are aware of eating your favorite sweet, you will enjoy the taste of the sweet better than with out awareness of the added adjective “favorite” sweet. Like wise, if you are aware of your own “spirit” and “divinity”, your action will be more fruitful. The same concept, a scientist can use and can see the difference.
What is spirit? It is the flow of energy in your body system and processing the same from body to mind in calm, energized, rhythmic manner with out having any disturbance. For instance, you take up any scientific work where more concentration is required. You have to calm down your body and mind by relaxation to achieve full concentration. That means you withdraw your locked up energy from the knots of your body and muscular system. This can be achieved by loosening your body and muscles. This will make you to calm down the function of your body, energy and mind. It is important to note that you can’t be aware of your breath unless you calm down your system.
Hence, it is the first step to relax your system and calm down with the help of Instant Relaxation Technique (IRT). Next step is to be aware of your breath; which should be rhythmic, deep and slow. The same can be achieved by yogic deep breathing practice. Third step is to feel (by imagination) your potential energy getting energized. When you are aware of your breath, the smooth flow of energy from bottom of spine will move upward direction with out any hindrance and the same is known as freedom of energy flow. That means, while deep inhalation you visualize your energy flow from bottom of the spine to the pituitary gland.
All happens if your breath and mind is at calm. When you achieve this scenario; that means you are ready to utilize your spirit. Hence, spirit is the process of (i) calm down the body, breathe and mind (ii) making aware of your breath which should be deep, slow and rhythmic (iii) feeling freedom of energy flow in abundance. When you are full of spirit, you will achieve good success.
Similarly, divinity is the process of retaining the free flow of your energy and using the same for getting unknown hidden solution for utilization and also for the benefit of planned experiment or action. Because of this, spirit and divinity are interlinked. The spiritual scientists make use of their spirit and divinity for getting answer from the unknown (mystic) sources. The scientist can make use of both (spirit and divinity) in aware condition and can add the benefit of the same in their research.

Factors affecting spirit and divinity

Most of the scientists are free from elements of malnutrition, but few of them holding the deficiencies like blame, criticism and disbelieve among the associates. The healthy criticism on certain concept and theory is welcome; however, criticism, blame and doubts among the associates arising because of jealous, hatred ness and anger are the factors depleting the divinity in them.
The spirit and divinity can be enhanced if scientists develop the Vedic concept like (i) give up the desire of the fruits (ii) know the art of giving (iii) selfless service and (iv) work is worship. They can use the above concepts while conducting the research.

Spiritual scientist can get rid of delusion where as scientist can over come the illusion. This is because of spiritual and materialistic concept folowed by them.