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Second part of Science and Vedanta

Difference between scientific and spiritual discovery

Scientific discovery is planned between matter likely to be inert, feeling less, static (jada) and the consciousness, rational, intelligence, spirit & perception likely to be energy or dynamic (chetana). The inert matter is the part of nature or universe where as consciousness is the part of inner instrument (four faculties of mind) in the case of scientific discovery. This kind of experiment between inert matter and consciousness (experimental result between jada and chetana) is carried out by the scientist. That is why, the science is having the dimension of static nature (universe) and four faculty of human mind but the human mind has the limitation as per the spiritual development.
Spiritual discovery is carried out by mystic (rishi). This discovery is also planned between inert matter and spirit (chetana) but at different scale. For spiritual discovery, the human mind is taken as the inert matter (jada). This is because when we close our eyes, we see the darkness inside and darkness is turned as inert (jada) compared to light (chetana or consciousness). The other part of the spiritual experiment is consciousness or vigilance of rationality (chetana or jnana) which is opposite of ignorance and the same is taken from the cosmic intelligence. The spirit (chetana) is also known by different names such as soul, energy and perception.
The main difference between scientific and spiritual discovery remains in the selection of experimental aspects of Jada and Chetana. The scientist takes mind (antah karna) as chetana but the same is taken as jada by the spiritual personality.
Another difference lies towards the inclination of the research for discovery. For example, the scientists are inclined towards the nature or universe to find out the scientific laws hidden in the natural phenomena where as, rishi’s inclined towards Almighty (creator) of the universe to find out the mystic phenomena of the creator which discovers the pure governing laws of the universe.
The third difference between these discoveries is to understand the cause and effect phenomena. The scientist can establish the cause and effect phenomena where as rishi or mystic discoverer can experience the cause of certain effect but cannot be proved on paper. Each and every individual has only to experience.
Who discovers the pleasure or the basis of happiness based on the matter and energy using phenomena existing as natural laws is the scientific discovery where as who discovers the permanent pleasure (sukha) by conducting the experiment using antah karna and beyond existing chetana known as mystic discovery.

Why the Spiritual personality has taken mind as inert matter?

The scientific approach is quite different than spiritual approach. The nature has sound and waves, which have been given the form of language by the minds of human being. As we know the expression given by human mind varies from one person to another and each one cannot be established as truth. That is why scientists require evidence in the form of an experiment, which could be universal. Because of fluctuation in thought, the rishi’s (spiritual scientists) have taken the human mind as inert matter. The seer who has gone beyond the inner instrument (antah karna) and perceived the truth of the universe with the help of space and cosmic energy and the same has been described in Upanishads.
In brief, the scientific discovery can be proved with the help of evidence and experience by the human mind universally where as a spiritual discovery can be experienced by the Jnani (remover of ignorance) by achieving ananda (by establishing good dharma) and love developed by tolerance, acceptance and appreciation.
Scientific experiment is conducted on approachable five bhutas such as light was the main factor for establishing the theory of relativity by scientist Albert Einstein. The theory of relativity states that the total energy is the product of its mass and velocity of light into (x) velocity of light. The mass could be the mass of light. But a spiritual scientist takes the pancha bhuta at the highest dimension (space or akash) to discover the mystic cause and effect. The scientist could not take up the basis of air and a space of pancha bhuta as an element for experimental discovery. The light, which was taken as the basis of Einstein’s discovery, which is readily experienced bhuta of pancha bhutas by the sense organs (indriyas).

How scientist can get benefit of Vedic concept?
Vedic concept makes you aware of your spirit & potential divinity. When you are aware of your spirit and divinity, you will be more benefited than simply using the same with out awareness. It is like this; when you are aware of eating your favorite sweet, you will enjoy the taste of the sweet better than with out awareness of the added adjective “favorite” sweet. Like wise, if you are aware of your own “spirit” and “divinity”, your action will be more fruitful. The same concept, a scientist can use and can see the difference.
What is spirit? It is the flow of energy in your body system and processing the same from body to mind in calm, energized, rhythmic manner with out having any disturbance. For instance, you take up any scientific work where more concentration is required. You have to calm down your body and mind by relaxation to achieve full concentration. That means you withdraw your locked up energy from the knots of your body and muscular system. This can be achieved by loosening your body and muscles. This will make you to calm down the function of your body, energy and mind. It is important to note that you can’t be aware of your breath unless you calm down your system.
Hence, it is the first step to relax your system and calm down with the help of Instant Relaxation Technique (IRT). Next step is to be aware of your breath; which should be rhythmic, deep and slow. The same can be achieved by yogic deep breathing practice. Third step is to feel (by imagination) your potential energy getting energized. When you are aware of your breath, the smooth flow of energy from bottom of spine will move upward direction with out any hindrance and the same is known as freedom of energy flow. That means, while deep inhalation you visualize your energy flow from bottom of the spine to the pituitary gland.
All happens if your breath and mind is at calm. When you achieve this scenario; that means you are ready to utilize your spirit. Hence, spirit is the process of (i) calm down the body, breathe and mind (ii) making aware of your breath which should be deep, slow and rhythmic (iii) feeling freedom of energy flow in abundance. When you are full of spirit, you will achieve good success.
Similarly, divinity is the process of retaining the free flow of your energy and using the same for getting unknown hidden solution for utilization and also for the benefit of planned experiment or action. Because of this, spirit and divinity are interlinked. The spiritual scientists make use of their spirit and divinity for getting answer from the unknown (mystic) sources. The scientist can make use of both (spirit and divinity) in aware condition and can add the benefit of the same in their research.

Factors affecting spirit and divinity

Most of the scientists are free from elements of malnutrition, but few of them holding the deficiencies like blame, criticism and disbelieve among the associates. The healthy criticism on certain concept and theory is welcome; however, criticism, blame and doubts among the associates arising because of jealous, hatred ness and anger are the factors depleting the divinity in them.
The spirit and divinity can be enhanced if scientists develop the Vedic concept like (i) give up the desire of the fruits (ii) know the art of giving (iii) selfless service and (iv) work is worship. They can use the above concepts while conducting the research.

Spiritual scientist can get rid of delusion where as scientist can over come the illusion. This is because of spiritual and materialistic concept folowed by them.

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