Tuesday, December 18, 2007



There are different kinds of science existing in the universe to relate the cause and effect. For example, i) In society, the science of sociology, economics, education and physiology play a great role ii) In nature, the scientific laws of physics, chemistry and astronomy exists iii) The applied science of higher dimension like the science and technology of atomic energy and space based on the development of “Theory of relativity” where cause and effect are mystery iv) There is fourth dimension of science known as spiritual science or Vedic science where cause and effect is experienced by an individual.

Thought provoking explanation of “Theory of relativity”:

It reminds me a story connected with “The theory of relativity” and the conversation between scientist Albert Einstein and his wife. When he invented “The theory of relativity”& was awarded the Nobel Prize, he became famous. Many parties were organized in his honor. Madam Einstein (his wife) was under trouble of getting query related to the theory of relativity. Ones she asked Einstein about this theory on which press reporters and other distinguished visitors including scientists & ministers used to ask her “what was the theory of relativity”.
Albert Einstein said that the theory of relativity was a simple, conventional and easy concept of the universal phenomena, which was labeled as scientific discovery. It was very simple and asked her whether she would like to know? She remarked that if the same was so simple, why scientists gave you Nobel Prize on that. He answered it was simple for him as well as for creative thinkers who were on meditative mood during in search of natural laws available in the universe. However, the members of Nobel Prize committee took it as invention & achievement of non-conventional concept. They awarded him the noble prize.

Einstein had explained the simplicity related to the theory of relativity to his wife. He said; imagine a tree and its branches. A lover and a beloved were sitting on one of the branches of the tree and got immersed in talk in pleasant mood. When the talk was over, they found the time spent on the talk was three hours where as they felt as if they spent hardly five minutes .The joyous mood gained much more energy which made them to feel as if they spent less time. The feeling of relative time between five minutes and three hours on the scale of time was noted. Next day, the lover was waiting for the beloved, sitting on a branch of the tree and suddenly saw a tiger eagerly watching him to come down so that the tiger would kill him & make him its prey. The boy was afraid of (full of fear), worried and scared to come down. The scenario existed for about five minutes and after that the tiger left the place. For boy, the five minutes duration was as if he would have spent three hours time. As he was desperate, worried and under the grip of fear, he was a looser of inner energy and felt as if he spent much more time. This relative time three hours verses five minutes- were also noted on the relative scale of time.
She interrupted & asked how could same be co-related with E= m x c2, where m & c could be the mass and velocity of light respectively. He explained, in first case consciousness which is also known as flow of energy or will power was very high with respect to energy prevailing during the talk; hence, time felt was very less where as in second case will power or consciousness were minimum with respect to existing energy; hence, time felt was very high. This could be analyzed with the help of energy and power theme. She understood the simplicity of the concept & became very happy.

The scientific discovery of the theory of relativity is based on the worldly concept of relative time visualized against energy continuity. Madam Einstein was relaxed to answer the query related to the discovery of “Theory of relativity”.

In normal case, we too find the flow of time (duration spent) is unexpectedly less when things move as per our pleasant wish. Where as, we also feel the burden of time when we wait for some one or wait for train, bus & plane. The similar concept has been described in one of the Upanishads by sighting the example of two birds sitting on a tree having two branches. They were sitting one above another; the nun sufferer (atman) was sitting on the top branch, visualizing the sufferer (jeeva) sitting on the branch just below the nun sufferer. Where, the sufferer (jeeva) was eating the fruits of the tree (karma fruits) and loosing more will power (flow of energy) and feeling the burden of time. The bird (atman) sitting on the higher branch was full of high consciousness; hence, the time was not burden for him.

In case of “Theory of relativity”, total energy is equal to the product of mass and velocity of light into(x) velocity of light. This means mass could be the mass of light, where E is mainly square of the velocity of light. This analysis is similar to the concept given hundred thousand years ago in Veda by the spiritual masters (rishis) who established that a man can achieve or become the cosmic energy if he is free from body (mass) consciousness. By this process (dropping the body mass or body consciousness), one can be free (mukta) as one achieves or becomes the part and parcel of the total cosmic energy.

Scientific achievement

Last two century, there were many achievements from scientific development. They are: -
i) Scientist has unrevealed several mysteries of nature.
ii) Technology has utilized these mysteries of nature as knowledge.
iii) Modern technology has brought great comfort to man.
iv) Society has raised itself from the sense of laziness to activity, superstition to rationality.
v) Human brain or mind has grown sharp in respect of intellectual growth, sensitive in terms of emotion and creative in dimension. The development of (i) Intelligence quotient (IQ) (ii) Emotional quotient (EQ) (iii) Spiritual quotient (SQ) made the scientist to discover more achievements.
First, IQ of human being was analyzed, found at left lobe of the brain and used. Later on the scientist found there was certain missing links in IQ. Then they have gone to balance the IQ and found the EQ in the right lobe of the brain; which balanced the missing ingredients of IQ. In due course, it was observed that both IQ and EQ were not giving the desired results of the development of the memory. They took the help of spiritual scientists to discover SQ in order to obtain the highest out put by these quotients.

Disadvantage of IQ

Though, IQ provided better capability in terms of analysis to work but generated more egos. This also developed more confidence, which led to catastrophic effect as happened in the case of TITANIC SHIP. Having over confidence, IQ technologist developed a ship of double walled construction, claimed life long sailing ship due to double wall. They provided few lifeboats in the ship, as they were over confident for the safety of the ship. But there was the failure of the ship in the first sail and many people died because of few numbers of lifeboats available on the board.

IQ alone generates ego while dealing with the superior and subordinates. The ego exchange between scientists created certain hurdles for the development of scientific concepts.
Because of over confidence and high ego in nature in IQ, resulted no good interpersonal relation and the fruitful communication among the staff members of the scientific organization. But there was a good growth in scientific development. It provided higher growth along with qualitative achievement.

When EQ was developed, there was good growth in R&D, scientific development and good inter personnel relationship. However, there was a big vacuum in self respect and self motivation as there was no one to provide the credit to others. This made the scientist to go in search of SQ.

Comparison between IQ, EQ, and SQ

(a) In IQ, self-respect demand was very high in terms of desire, expectation and need. For instance, I desire… I expect from… I need so and so from others.
(b) In EQ, scientific developed required some pat (acceptance and appreciation from others) in respect of their achievement. As the people were busy and there was no time so that others could appreciate and accept whatever good achievements had been obtained. To compensate the others pat SQ was developed.
(c) In SQ, there had been balanced in respect of desire, expectation and need to obtain self-esteem and self-motivation based on rational, systematic and logical concept.
Ever-growing scientific discovery had continued and reached a transition towards a total change.

Inadequacy of Science

Scientific development has fulfilled the aspiration of million. The Society has suppressed the advantages of technology based on scientific achievement under the power and privileged enjoyed by the rich. That led to big gap between rich and poor with respect of comforts, contentment and ease in the life to be availed by common mass.

Science partly could release our bondage of being poor or weak. Science has started with an attempt to establish culture of “reason & rationality”. The technological achievements are used by few and exploit the weak in the name of superiority of their knowledge.

Rich and strong take science progress in terms of materialistic value. The progress in value means satisfaction of sense craving alone. This results in ego satisfaction of the user of science.

Vedanta does not oppose on reasoning or logic in rational way. Brahma sutra is meant for rationality but opposes suppression and superiority. It (Vedanta) takes one step ahead so that there should not be any Superiority complex over weak or suppression of poor under power of rich. The important step given by Vedanta is to evolve the divinity in each.