Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Resume of A N Paney

Annexure - B
Brief Resume of Shri A.N. Pandey (Author)

Shri A.N. Pandey, Graduate in Mechanical Engineering (1969), Post Graduate with “Honours” in “Analysis and Design of Process Equipment” (1971) and Post Graduate Diploma in “Business Administration” (1987), worked as Senior Scientific Officer / Engineer in Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) since 1972. He retired from the service in January 2006.

During his service, Shri Pandey was responsible for executing the various projects of the department and he acquired wide experience & expertise in the field of project management. Also, he was responsible for operating and maintaining the chemi nuclear plant in DAE.

Since 1976, he was equally interested in acquiring the knowledge & experience of “Ancient Indian Wisdom (AIW)” through reputed institutions of India in the field of Spirituality. He worked & developed a spiritual (vedantic) model in association with Swami Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore (Deemed University in Yoga & its application); Bihar School of Yoga, Mungher (First University of Yogic Philosophy in the World); Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY), Coimbatore; and Vipassana Meditation, Igatpuri; while he was performing his technical responsibilities. After the retirement, he also got associated with YSS (Yogda SatSang Society), Ranchi; Brahma Kumari, Mount Abu; Isha foundation, Chennai & Nitya nanda Dhyana Peetham, Bangalore.

Shri Pandey has gone through many systems of spirituality in depth so as to acquire the easy methods available in each of these systems, which can be used by the business people for materialistic gain as well as to follow the further process of evolution.

It is important to note that each system available in India has many useful concepts for strengthening the growth of business management and the same can be utilized to transform the employees in positive direction at field of work.

Based on his experience gained in the field of Spirituality, Shri Pandey has developed many packages such as “personality development for student”, “personality development for professional” and “professional development for manager”. He has also developed the packages for stress management, anger management, resistivity management, leadership, self motivation, time & mind management and communication skills in the background of spirituality (Yoga & Vedanta).

Since 1999, he is engaged in delivering the talk cum demonstration on self improvement, change in life style, self motivation and also on inner education based on the experience gained from Ancient Indian Wisdom.

Shri Pandey is engaged in compiling his experience in the form of books on spirituality and business management taking simple but effective concepts. He visualized many simple and effective techniques such as science of breathing, development of subtle inner personality, relaxation in action and meditation in action by taking the themes of spirituality.

His innovative book “Spirituality at School Of Management (SOM)” is ready for publication.

Other books namely i) “Spirituality for ICT(Information & Communication Technology)” ii) “Spirituality at R & D” iii) “Spiritual answers for FAQ on Management” iv) “Spirituality for every one” v) “Spirituality speaks on scientific achievement of western world” & vi) “Spirituality for politician” are under conceptual and preliminary draft stage.